22 Apr 2014

Another One….

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What a pleasure it has been to have a series of days full of sunshine.    By the time I went to the barn it was already in the 50s….much warmer than yesterday.  Had a 2pm appointment in Batavia with my dentist.  The usual 6 month check.  Love the house where the office is located. […]

19 Apr 2014

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

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Of course you can raise chickens who will lay you beautiful eggs in shades of blue, green, pink, cream, brown and white…or you can try some of these easy, fun natural ways to dye your eggs. Read more » Fresh Eggs Daily®

16 Apr 2014

Distracted drivers

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Close your eyes and count for 5 seconds. Now, imagine driving 55 MPH with your eyes closed that long. Scary, right? It gets worse. Using a cell phone while driving, whether it’s hand-held or hands-free, delays a driver’s reactions as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of .08 percent. There […]

12 Apr 2014


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It was a beautiful day from morning ’til night.  I’m just so tired from standing up, a crash is in my near future.  After chores I went out back with the horses to pick the pastures. Why would Abbe want to stay white????  Around noon Rick Davis came over to put on some new shingles […]

09 Apr 2014

TBF 058 :: Raising Pastured Poultry, Farm News, and a Hard Lesson Learned

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The podcast is up and I’m excited to say that it is about chickens! But, the show notes are not up yet … they’re coming … I promise … As always, I want to thank you so much for listening and supporting the show with your encouragement and reviews on iTunes! I am continually working […]

06 Apr 2014

Name That Lamb!

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This little gal needs a name! Let’s make it a contest again, too! Suggest as many names as you like, leaving one per comment (each comment is a contest entry) and my favorite will be picked. The winner will receive their choice of either a signed copy of any of my books or a free […]

03 Apr 2014

8 Brooder Box Boredom Busters for Baby Chicks

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Living within the confines of a plastic tote or cardboard box can get boring for baby chicks. Boredom lead to bullying, pecking and all sorts of other problems. Help keep your brooder babies from getting bored with these easy to implement Brooder Box Boredom Busters. Read more » Fresh Eggs Daily®

31 Mar 2014

TBF 056 :: Pigs in the Woodlot & Pasture, Farm News, and a Hard Lesson Learned

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On our farm we try to keep the pigs in the woodlots and on the pasture as much of the year as possible. Generally that means we move them out to the woodlots in March or April and bring them back up to their cozy winter accommodations in December. Over the past five years we […]

27 Mar 2014

Round Two

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Well my hair is cut so I’m ready for round two of kidding. I really should have planned this a little better and not had them all kid during our school’s week of MSP standardized testing. I’m proctoring (torturing children) so I can’t get a sub. I am lucky to be within a couple of […]

24 Mar 2014

Child safety campaign keeps priorities straight on the farm

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You’re a “Parent first, Farmer second.” That is the message of a national campaign to keep children safe while they work and play on farms. The website (http://cultivatesafety.org) provides one-stop shopping for parents, and includes easy-to-use information about child development and best-practice work guidelines. Although farm injuries and deaths are tragic, much can be done […]

Using power generators on a farm

Of the many inventions that science has thrown at mankind, the discovery of electricity was one of the most useful of all. It would be difficult to imagine what life would be like without electricity in our homes, offices or even in our vehicles when on the go. A generator is a device that uses fuel to run an engine and produce electricity. It has become an essential requirement in most places today where one cannot make do with an inverter or an uninterrupted power supply source is either not available or not available for the duration required.

When considering a place like a farm house, there are many uses that come to mind which can be discussed for a generator. Some of these uses are discussed below.

  1. DISRUPTED POWER LINES: Living on a farm generally means staying away from densely populated areas and that has a direct relationship to the amount of services available to you. Long running power lines are generally used to supply electricity to farms due to absence of junction boxes and high tension capacitors. In the event of a rupture or break in these lines, it may take hours for the line repair man to reach and identify the fault. Such a sustained power outage will need a generator to help restore normalcy to life till the fault is rectified.
  2. RUNNING OF HEAVY MACHINERY: Farm houses usually have heavy machinery in terms of bore wells, large pumps and motors etc. it is not always feasible to run these heavy machines on commercially supplied power as it may turn out to be more expensive in the first place and secondly there would not be any guarantee of uninterrupted power supply.
  3. SUSTAINING FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Living far off from civilization has its own challenges. There is always a pressing need to stock up in terms of food items and beverages because of the distances involved to reach the closest general store, grocery counter or in some cases the market in the neighboring town. In such cases, it becomes imperative that there is a cold storage or even a large refrigerator available that is supplied with electricity around the clock so as to ensure that the food and drinks are not ruined due to power outage.
  4. GRID FAILURE IN THE URBAN AREAS: Not having your own power supply would mean that you are totally dependent on the power grid and the power distribution system of the closest town or district. In case of a major grid failure in such towns either due to an act of sabotage or due to a natural calamity, it is unlikely that the standby measures would be extended to the outskirts of the towns. It is more likely that major offices and posh residences are kept on power backups. In such an eventuality, it is imperative that you have your own power generator so that you can be prepared for those dark nights in case the need arises.